Kaps On Fire $45

Steve Jardonnete


Upgrade your act with this professional working Jardonnet Wallet. The first time you open it, it bursts into flames! The next time you open it, everything is normal except for the spectator's SIGNED card in a ZIPPERED compartment! Impossible without this wallet! The only wallet you need to carry. Durable for everyday use!  These are the originals from France.

A card is freely selected and signed by a spectator, which is then returned to the deck and lost. The magician hands the deck to the spectator, and then removes his wallet. As he opens it, flames up to 8 inches shoot out of the top! He quickly shuts the wallet and sets it on the table. Money really can burn a hole in your pocket!

After a moment, he decides to try again. He opens the wallet and it looks exactly like a normal, everyday wallet! Showing his hands empty, he opens a small zippered compartment and removes the spectator's signed card!

• Normal Size - Fits Easily in Trousers Pockets!
• Hand-Made in France of High Quality Materials!
• Incredible magic you can keep in your pocket for strolling!
• You Can Use It As Your Everyday Wallet - Room For Money and Slots for Credit Cards!

Audience tested, reaction approved! This wallet is HOT! Also known as the Kaps Fire Wallet, you may never need another wallet. This is the one you are looking for!



Ring On Chain - Mystic Triangle $15

Solid Brass Seamless Ring, and Solid Brass Chain


The ring on Chain has been out for a very long time.  We not only provide the best Solid Brass Ring (2" ID) but also a solid brass chain, 3mm ball size which is small than most ball chains and easier to link Ring on to, and a great array of action photos to make learning the drop so easy.  But also as a bonus is a brilliant unlinking, and routine by Leslie Melville from his upcoming book Magictales 2.  Everyone who has seen this has bought the ring and chain on the spot.  A sellout at the recent Blackpool, FFFF and MAWNY conventions.



Rattled by Dan Hauss $35


You unscrew the plain white cap off your water bottle and put a coin under the bottle cap. You take a step back from the table so there's no way you can get near the cap or the coin. Your friend now shakes the cap and definitely HEARS and FEELS the coin RATTLE inside. And without you touching ANYTHING she shakes the cap again...and the RATTLING suddenly STOPS! Just stunning empty SILENCE. She looks under the cap...the coin has VANISHED! The empty cap can be closely examined. No coin, no rattle sound, nothing. Just an innocent plastic bottle cap and you've been standing away from everything the entire time! You can then place a glass under the table..."CLINK"... and the coin drops through the table into the glass! OR...the vanished coin appears under a second empty cap that's been held by someone else! (Dan's ingenious gimmick does the work for you).

You Have Options!

Entire rattle/vanish action is done by the spectator. You never touch the cap! Perform surrounded. Carry the cap in your pocket, or unscrew it from a water bottle. Resets in ten seconds (The Rattled re-set technology is a joy to behold). No switches! Very Easy to do. No palming required Includes Rattled Coin In Bottle and Rattled Ring on Finger Options to perform with signed coins and small objects.

Includes 2 Fully Gimmicked Caps

A SECOND gimmicked cap is included so you can explore all the glorious two-cap RATTLED combinations.

DAN HAUSS' RATTLED: 100% gimmicked. 100% examinable
Designed to Astonish. Built to Last.



Fast and Loose Notes - Haydn $30


The 44-page booklet that Darwin Ortiz has stated as "the definitive work" on the endless chain scam. A must-have for anyone interested in performing this classic swindle, Chef Anton and Whit Haydn detail the history, psychology and applications to magic in this fully-illustrated booklet. 


Fast and Loose Gold Chain $70


The perfect chain for any endless chain swindle, these beautiful five-foot lengths of steel chain, 24 K heavy plated feature the French Rope design. Available in gold and include suede drawstring bag.


Fast and Loose Nickel Chain $40


The perfect chain for any endless chain swindle, these beautiful five-foot lengths of steel chain, Nickel plated  feature the French Rope design. Available in nickel and include suede drawstring bag.


Fast and Loose Knots $15


Gold Knot      

Nickel  Knot  

A great bit for the end of any Fast and Loose routine–A knot is "accidentally" tied in the middle of the chain, but then visibly slides down and completely off! The knot falls to the table and the chain is still in an endless loop. Both the knot and the chain can be fully examined. Available in Gold or Nickel to match the Fast and Loose Chains



Mini-Sharpie thru Anything - JB $25


ULTRA STRENGTH yet appears ordinary. NOW in the Sharpie MINI.  The STRONGEST 'Pen Thru' EVER!

Penetrate a Selected Card with Ease!
The Mini-Sharpie Pen is made to pass through a selected card or borrowed dollar bill.
Audience clearly sees the complete penetration from and back of the card.

Two Sharpie Pens included. Manufactured in England.

Just as powerful as the full size Sharpie thru Anything. But you can wear this on a lanyard, keeps it on a keychain, a necklace, or carry in your pocket, always.



Deluxe Spinning Rings  $20


These beautiful 2" Rings look like solid brass but are actually heavy brass plated steel so they cling when a magnet is secretly added.  The Rare Earth Neo magnet is on a pull so you are left clean.  Fun and amazing magic finally in high quality.


Star Gazer $15

Star Gazer by Alan Wong 

Changing the Shape of Rubber Band Magic!   Watch the Video

The magician displays two normal looking rubber bands and begins stretching them into several simple shapes, ending with one of the bands in the shape of a five-pointed star. He releases the bands and one of them remains permanently in the shape of a star! Comes complete with 12 star-shaped bands, and two normal bands along with the fully-illustrated, step-by-step instructions.

Replacement Star Bands $7

Yes they are back.  Approx 24 per pack.


Magnetic Street Shells by Whit Haydn and Chef Anton $95


The Perfect Shells For Any Three Shell Routine
Over six months in the making, Whit Haydn and Chef Anton have created the perfect shells for any Three Shell Game routine. Including design enhancements and tips from real working pros like Chanin, Eddie Joseph and others, these shells are perfectly weighted and balanced and they feel like real shells! The Magnetic Street Shells look identical to the normal Street Shells, but each shell contains a powerful rare-earth magnet which is molded into the shell, opening up many new possibilities for three shell routines. Comes complete with three magnetic shells, peas, drawstring bag and instructions.

Street Shells - $45


This is a set of three shells, seven of our ‘Perfect Peas’, a shot glass, and a suede bag.  The shells are expertly created and designed by Whit Haydn, and include little-known features such as the Chanin Dip that when used with our Perfect Peas allow them to work smoothly on any surface – even glass or marble.   The Street Shells are cast in museum-quality plastic resin for the look and feel of real walnut shells.


3D Bunnies - Ammar/Goshman $15


Perform this classic of magic, now with a wonderful set of sponge bunnies from the first name in sponge: Goshman. Since 1965, Magic by Gosh has been the premier name in quality magic sponge. Now, they've created some great 3 D rabbits for the multiplying rabbit routine! The set includes 5 baby rabbits and 3 adult rabbits. The color is natural with brown tips. Very soft and durable! Michael Ammar routine instructions included.