Max Krause Innovative Deceptions


Impromptu SSK $225


Picture this:  You are hanging out at a bar, restaurant, nightclub, grocery store or any other establishment where they have money.  You ask the staff/store clerk for change for a 5 dollar bill.  You take the ones and place them in your wallet.  Then as an afterthought you pull them out and explain that you want to try an experiment and have one of the dollar bills chosen and hidden away from view and the others are placed back into your wallet. You then ask the spectator to concentrate on the serial number and immediately begin revealing it! 

This is a very straight forward money mentalism at its best!  This is only one of several different presentations you can do with Impromptu SSK!  Comes complete with everything necessary to perform this amazing illusion and has the added feature of being able to be used for
B.T.I.L as well!


Supreme Serial Killer $360


The magician buys seven $1 bills from seven spectators for $2 each.  He then has two of the seven bills selected by two different spectators.  He asks both spectators to concentrate on their individual bills' serial numbers.  With eerie precision the magician proceeds to reveal both serial numbers to the complete and utter disbelief of his audience!!  Take note, this method is like no other.  You can do this effect at a trade show with a different outcome every time you perform it.   Comes complete with everything necessary to perform and instructional DVD. 

Larry Becker's Serial killer was one of the most sought after effects of it's kind.  With Larry Becker's permission Max has taken this effect to an entirely new level making it a practical and unbelievable reality!



Ultimate Mis-Made Bill $75


The magician takes a bill out of his wallet and the serial number may be noted for future reference. The bill is folded up and the magician announces it is going to turn into a $100 dollar bill!  When the bill is opened it is found to be completely mis-made into four pieces and the performer announces that it is four quarters instead!  The perplexed performer hands the bill out for examination and the audience can see the bill is the same one verifying the serial number if previously noted.  The magician then takes back the bill and folds it once again and upon opening it finds it is now back in it's original state and once again may be handed out for examination!  The perfect illusion and completely examinable before and after!  This is only one presentation for this wonderful effect!

Comes complete with Magick Balay's new DVD "Four Quarters" produced by The New York Magic Project.  The included Mis-Made gimmick has been modified along with a matching gimmick.



Bill to Impossible Location $60



The magician borrows a bill from a spectator and the serial number is noted for future reference. The bill then mysteriously vanishes only to be found in another spectators wallet, a cash register, a sealed envelope across the room, a sealed box, can, or anywhere else you can imagine. This is a guaranteed show stopper!  Comes complete with everything necessary to perform.  This is a totally unique version of a classic effect without using any of the old methods. (US Currency only)